The quality management of Orbiter  products is based on the regulations of EN ISO 9001.

The entire production - consisting of certified ISO 9001 component suppliers and final in-house assembly is located in Bremen/ Germany.

Hemrich Präzision, an expert for computer-controlled manufacturing and assembling based in Bremen, executes the entire fabrication and delivery of cable drums under the brand Orbiter.

Hemrich Präzision provides the entire production and order processes starting with quotations as well as assigning and controlling the best qualified local subcontractors and the final in-house assembling, quality control and shipping. For all requests please click here. As an expert in aluminum welding and high-end assembling, Hemrich Präzision manufactures the delivery program of Orbiter cable reel systems optimised for fibre technology since 2005.

Hemrich Präzision provides transparent and comprehensive processes, from the conception of a project to getting it ready for the market as well as the design and manufacturing of tailored solutions such as the Orbiter cable reel systems and camera seats.

An in-house production depth of 95% allows to rapidly adapt and modify all our product lines in a steady product development same time maintaining a maximum of control during all processes.

The high requirements on quality and product safety of the Orbiter product lines are not negotiable. That's why all products and components are consequently manufactured in-house allowing full control at any time.

Final quality checks are made comprehensively by verifying, testing and documenting each single part at every single unit before shipping. This mode assures to avoid costly reclamations and returns for our customers and ourselves as our equipment goes out to countries all over the world.
No single unit had to be sent back to the factory since our start in 2001.

Quantity is something you can count - Quality is something you are counting on

We are steadily working on improvements to fulfill our brand promise and our main focus is the satisfaction of our customer`s needs. Please share your criticism with us. Your feedback is needed and appreciated, it contributes to continuously improve our products.

Thank you for supporting us!

We research manufacture and deliver:
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